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Safety and Security Films Adelaide

By on June 30, 2016

Safety and Security

Riverside Window Tinting installs safety and security window film.

It is a requirement of Family Day Care that all glass in a home that is less than 1000mm from floor/ground level and is accessible by children must be brought up to the human impact safety standard – Australian Standard AS1288. The installation of 100micron safety film is the most cost effective way to achieve the standard at about 1/2 the cost of replacing the glass.

In addition to Family Day Care, many schools have also installed safety films to their windows in order to protect students from the dangers of flying glass. Likewise, safety film is also installed in aged care facilities to protect residents from glass cut injury.

Safety film (and Security film) is a clear film that is installed on the inside surface of the window glass to strengthen and reinforce the glass in the event of a glass break accident. The broken glass is held together by the film and helps to protect against contact with sharp shards of glass. Similarly, security film which is thicker than safety film will also hold broken glass in place when impacted such as in an attempted break-in, a natural disaster or a bomb blast.

Riverside Window Tinting can provide a professional installation of safety film and security films.